Design for more livable cities

At KONE we see design as a strategic tool for improving quality of life. Our strategy is to differentiate ourselves by offering the best customer and user experience, and design plays a key role in this pursuit.

Design also presents us with ways to respond creatively and holistically to the challenges urbanization brings to our rapidly growing cities. Through extensive collaboration with architects and planners, we are able to provide technology and innovative solutions that help create more functional and more human urban environments.

Also, by conducting user studies and focus group reviews, and by co-creating solutions we are able to develop products that deliver real value. This user-centric approach to design also deepens our understanding of customers’ and equipment users’ needs.

Elegance and positive experience

Although aesthetics are an important part of design, they are not the only aspect we consider when designing our solutions. We seek to delight all your senses by combining elegant visual design with a positive user experience.

Before you get into a KONE elevator for instance, we want you to get a positive impression even as you wait in the lobby, starting with doors that open smoothly and silently. As you step inside, the lighting, high-quality finishes and attractive patterns work together to offer you a pleasant sensory experience.

Handpicked finishes

KONE’s global design team has used trend research in Asia, Europe and North America to handpick the colors, materials and finishes that make up the KONE Design Collection. As a result, each element in the rich variety of ceilings, wall materials, floors, handrails, mirrors and other accessories is in line with contemporary tastes.

In addition to enjoying the aesthetic experience inside the elevator car, you should be able to get to your desired destination without having to think about how to operate the elevator – this should be self-evident.

Our elevators’ user interfaces have been tested rigorously for usability to ensure that they are fit for purpose, intuitive and pleasant to use. In addition, the smooth, quiet ride, precise leveling and smooth acceleration and deceleration are delivered by a highly reliable motor control system and brakes, further enhancing the comfort of your ride.

Embedded design

All of these details and more seem to work together seamlessly, almost effortlessly. But in fact, they are the product of over a million hours of meticulous planning and years of intensive research and testing. This is because for us at KONE, good design isn’t just an add-on or afterthought – it’s embedded into all of our solutions.

We have become the industry leader in design innovation because rather than using design simply to create attractive products, we seek to make a deeper impact.

We strive to optimize not only the user experience but the wider urban infrastructure. We believe that design can play a major part in creating more livable cities.


Find out how KONE People Flow intelligence solutions are enabling smart buildings for smarter cities.

  • The best made better
    In 2012 KONE launched a range of elevators that combines best in class eco-efficiency, industry leading ride comfort and award-winning design.
  • Timo Tiainen
    Director of Design Solutions
  • Award-winning design
    KONE’s work in fusing design with technology has been recognized by numerous awards from Good Design and Red Dot to iF. Read more
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